I love the sound of Mr 1’s pitter-patter (or rather, thump thump thump!) of hurried footsteps as he runs from his bedroom, across the hall, and into our bedroom every morning. He pushes open our bedroom door and announces himself with a giggle and heart melting grin.

His beaming face carries with it all his excitement for whatever the day ahead will bring, even though his day would seem largely unexciting or uneventful to most people. He makes me want to be excited too.

This morning we shared a nice moment; I was getting ready for work and heard him running to our room so crouched down to greet him when he walked in. He pushed the door open dramatically, peered inside our room, grinned as he saw me and ran straight into my arms. Then he simply laid his head on my shoulder and practically melted into the cuddle. It was sublime.

Within five seconds the moment was over; he’d spotted a box of Tic Tacs and pushed me away so he could pick it up and start using it as a rattle. His day of making discoveries/music/mess began.

He doesn’t talk yet but certainly communicates a lot in his eyes, smiles and giggles;

  • tasting a new brand of cereal this morning – delicious!
  • driving next to a truck carrying cages of pigeons – fascinating!
  • seeing his Lolo and realising he’s about to spend the day with his grandparents – wooohooo!!!

Even on mornings when I’m utterly exhausted and totally disengaged, my son effortlessly resets my perspective. It’s almost like the smile he has when he walks through my bedroom door flicks a switch in my head that makes me need to be better, more excited, more energised and ready to discover the world through his curious, happy eyes. Thank you little bubba.

I love my son’s excitement over the things I take for granted. I am generally not a morning person, but he certainly inspires me to be one.


  1. What a beautiful post to start my morning. Reading this almost made me want to have a kid 🙂 Almost.

    1. Hahahaha Thanks Riann! ‘Almost’ hey? Hmm… guess I’ll just have to keep writing. 😛

    1. Thanks for reading Krisanne! 🙂 Ukulele Baby needs a pen pal… or better yet a future, ridiculously good looking girlfriend with unbelievably amazing creative genes. Just sayin’

    1. I love this video Nez! It makes me teary every time… especially when I see the pride in the mum’s eyes. *sigh* totally re-posting on Twitter.

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