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When was the last time you gave yourself permission to experiment without fear of failure, time to think outside the box or gave your peers the opportunity to embrace the freedom of creative play?

Don’t wait for the time to appear – book it in and make it happen!

Introduce your team to a different approach to problem-solving and collaboration

I work with organisations to design tailored, interactive virtual or face-to-face team workshops or “lunch & learn” sessions that will leave people feeling energised and inspired.


It’s not easy to innovate if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again. My creative workshops give people an opportunity to practice new skills, problem-solve, think and express themselves differently in a safe and encouraging environment. The sessions are a perfect warm-up or lunch-time activity for a team planning or strategy day, or a great way to have team members get to know each other in a relaxing, pressure-free environment.


I can work with you to tailor the activities to reflect any themes or messages you have for your event, or simply create the opportunity and space for people to “press pause” on their day-to-day busy-ness and try their hand at making something calming, unique and fun!
I can integrate mindfulness techniques and reflection times with creative activities, and also design the workshop content and flow of activity to support your team’s broader goals.

Choose 30 – 120 minute sessions

A minimum booking/callout fee applies and covers the first 5 participants in your session. I tailor creative workshops to suit your goals for the time allocated – you can choose between a free-flow session where I demonstrate a range of creative communication techniques and invite participants to give them a try with their own materials, or I can run a more structured, in-depth creative lesson where guests work on a project with set materials and instructions.

Favourite thing was having the freedom to try and make mistakes. We had all the materials we needed and could take things home to practice.

Loved the casual and free-flow nature of the night, and how practical the steps were. Joy is a wonderful instructor and super supportive.

It was such a relaxing atmosphere and Joy was very engaging, helpful and clearly very passionate about what she does!

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Meet your workshop facilitator

Hi, I’m Joy! I’ve been creating, lettering and writing for over 6 years and I LOVE teaching and encouraging others to do the same! I created Finding Joy as a channel to share my creative projects and to remind myself (and others!) it is always worth making time to find, express and celebrate the joys in life – even life’s simplest or messiest of moments can carry the sacred and profound.

These creative events are one of my favourite ways to give others the opportunity to gift or make something unique and beautiful for themselves or someone they want to celebrate, to honour the words, colours, images and stories that uplift and empower us, and to revisit the joy and freedom that our creativity unleashes in us.

I hope to see you at your next team event!