Book A Children’s Paint Party

Give your little ones a chance to experiment and embrace the freedom of creative play!

Want a fun and memorable way to celebrate your little one’s special day?

I bring the materials to your chosen venue and provide party entertainment that is full of fun, colour and creativity for all involved!

creative fun for all ages

Paint parties are best for school-aged children and up. I tailor parties to suit the age group (and attention span!) of your guests and can work your party theme, colours and the interests of your celebrant into the activities – so make sure you let me know their favourite colours and characters and any important details when booking!


Choose a free-flow creative play/paint party with plenty of autonomy and opportunity to experiment or a longer, in-depth creative lesson where guests work on a project with the materials and instructions I provide. Activities can include rock painting, brush calligraphy, creative lettering, craft, or watercolour painting.

up to 15 GUESTS

A minimum booking/callout fee applies and covers the first 5 guests of your party. The maximum number of guests will depend on their age, the style of the creative session, and the seating space available in your venue. For parties with lots of guests, you can book multiple short sessions over several hours.


Our girls recently did an online workshop with Joy for an introduction to lettering and they both LOVED it!
Joy made it so much fun for them and they’ve been practicing the skills they learned since.
– Bec


My daughter loved her party! ❤️ She requested to have you as her art teacher or at least have you in all her birthday parties. 🤩
– Mariana


Highly recommended for anyone (child or adult) who wants to learn lettering or get the expert herself to create a masterpiece for you!

Enquire now…

Interested in booking a party? Complete the form below and select your preferred date/time (if you haven’t locked in a date, select your first preference and let me know in the Notes/Message section alternative dates/times). Please include as much information as possible in your query so I can get back to you as soon as possible!


A Filipina woman with brown skin and dark wavy hair writes on a writeable wall/whiteboard wall in the Reward Gateway office

Meet your teacher

Hi, I’m Joy! I’ve been creating, lettering and writing for over 6 years and absolutely LOVE teaching and encouraging others to do the same! I created Finding Joy as a channel to share my creative projects and to remind myself (and others!) it is always worth making time to find, express and celebrate the joys in life – even life’s simplest or messiest of moments can carry the sacred and profound.

These creative events are one of my favourite ways to give others the opportunity to gift or make something unique and beautiful for themselves or someone they want to celebrate, to honour the words, colours, images and stories that uplift and empower us, and to revisit the joy and freedom that our creativity unleashes in us.

I hope to see you at your next party!