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  • Collage of watercolour artworks painted by Joy Adan

    Commission A Watercolour Painting, Inspirational Quote, Poem, Song Lyrics


    Looking for a gift for someone special, or something to brighten up your room, office or nursery? Commission a watercolour painting. Request an image or a watercolour artwork with an inspirational quote, song lyrics, poem or prayer. Each piece is a unique piece of art created just for you. Choose the words or key features of your painting, and the colours/hues you want in the image or text, and I’ll work with you to create something you’ll love and treasure for a long time.

    If the option for the item you want to create isn’t available in the drop-down options below, contact me to arrange a custom quote

  • Psalm 139 – You Are A Child of God | Painted Bible Verse | Watercolour Brush Calligraphy


    The perfect gift to celebrate the sacrament of Baptism – a hand-painted artwork containing the child’s name above several verses from Psalm 139:

    “You are a child of God
    You are wonderfully made, dearly loved,
    and precious on His sight.
    Before God made you, He knew you.
    There is no one else like you.”

  • Hand-Lettered Rainbow Watercolour Alphabet (A4 or A3)


    This painting is a fun and colourful way to introduce your little ones to a love for letters!

    Paintings are produced on use acid-free 210-300 GSM watercolour paper or cardboard that is cut to size, and high-quality watercolour paints and inks.

    Select the style and colour scheme that suits the room you are decorating.

  • Paper Anniversary Gift - A3 watercolour sheet with cities and suburbs hand-lettered in black and gold ink. Painting with suburbs hand-painted in black and gold ink. Words include Brisbane, Harbour Town and Sanctuary Cove.Skewed close-up of painting containing suburbs hand-painted in black and gold ink. Words include Brisbane, Harbour Town and Sanctuary Cove

    Oh the Places We Go | Customised Gift | Paper Anniversary, Birthday Gift


    Looking for a way to celebrate your first anniversary (yep, the paper anniversary!)? On the hunt for a unique gift for the traveller in your life, or want to commemorate your family history? Order a personalised, hand-painted artwork featuring the names of significant cities or landmarks that mark your journey: the places you’ve stayed, favourite restaurants and cafes, cities you’ve travelled to or continents you’ve traversed.

    This is a bespoke brush-lettered artwork that will be entirely unique for you.