The Journey – Part One

April 13, 2016

November 22nd 2016…

Our lives changed forever.

It was 7.30am on a beautiful Sunday morning, hubby & I had just enjoyed some time of relaxing.
With a coffee in hand, pillows stacked up in bed & the sun streaming in through the windows, we were sitting so content & thankful for the beautiful life we share.
Before long our tummies had spoken & it seemed it was time for breakfast.
As Jays went out to make a start on breaky I realised as I got out of bed that my chest was quite tender. Being a girl & having a thing called hormones, I didn’t really think too much of it.

But a thought did pop into my head – Jays & I had been trying to have a baby for around 6 months or so… We spent the ‘trying’ season deliberately & consistently reminding ourselves to stay content & relax with the journey without putting pressure on the timing of when we would fall.
And considering mine & my families medical history in this area, we were prepared that it may not be a quick or easy process.

Over the course of these 6 months (with my cycle always being so out of whack) there were many pregnancy tests taken & many negative signs seen!

But that morning… It all changed.

I decided I would take a test just in case, as tenderness of the chest wasn’t something I had really experienced with my time of the month before, I told Jays & he said it was a good idea.


It was positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were pregnant!
I could barely believe my eyes when I saw those 2 beautiful lines staring back at me on the test meaning POSITIVE.
A moment I will never EVER forget.

I walked out to the kitchen – positive pregnancy test in one hand, tears of utter joy filling my eyes & one big fat smile spilled across my face…

‘Babe… it’s positive! We’re pregnant! WE ARE ACTUALLY PREGNANT!’

He swept me up in the most gorgeous embrace, we both were in total shock, completely overwhelmed with emotions & for those few minutes following, the only vocabulary we spoke centered around the words – are we? really? pregnant? having a baby?

The feeling that swept over me that morning reminded me of a familiar feeling I had experienced 5 years earlier – the day Jays asked me to be his wife.
The feeling that my whole world was about to change & realising how truly blessed I was to be in that moment with the love of my life.


What do we do now?

We wanted to get our amazing news confirmed, so we took a trip to the doctors to get a blood test & to find out how far along the journey we were.
We had a beautiful little 5 week old growing!

With that confirmed, it was time to tell the parents! (Grandparents!)

We are both extremely close with our families & have very loving, supportive, prayer empowered parents. We wanted to share the news with them as soon as possible & get them standing with us in prayer for our baby’s safety during this amazing time.
Both parents were so overwhelmed & excited for us (and them!)
Telling them all that we were going to be having a baby, is still one of my favourite moments throughout this time so far.

The Journey - Part One


And now?

As I am writing this, we are sitting at 25 weeks (just over halfway!) & I am so excited to share from the end of this story onto the next & all it has had for us.

So stay tuned for Part 2 of the journey! (coming very soon)

And remember – there is always something to be thankful for.

I would love to hear your story! Send me an email if you’d like to share.

I hope you enjoyed reading lovelies.

Big love!



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  • Reply Amy Heperi April 14, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to hear more, brings back those warm, exciting memories! It’s only going to get better ❤️

    • Reply Lucy Rose April 14, 2016 at 11:12 am

      Thanks Amy! I can just imagine & cannot wait. Your little one is growing up so beautifully!X.

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