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The Journey – Part 3

May 28, 2016

The Final Stage of Pregnancy

It’s hard to believe we are here – 3rd trimester!

In just 8 short weeks (eek!….) we get to meet the 2nd love of our lives & we grow from a family of 2, to a family of 3!

As I am sitting here writing, on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, we are sitting at 32 weeks pregnant with our first baby (see Part 1 & 2 of the series in previous posts to catch up!) & my, how my emotions have transformed, grown, changed & surrendered to the space we are in.

Finally I can share with you here…..

A Tiny Lady is Coming!

The Journey - Part 3
That’s right! We are having a beautiful little (please Jesus – LITTLE) baby girl!

A lot of you reading this would already have known – or perhaps have guessed from the slightly obvious colour I wore to my baby shower – but yes, our tiny little lady is on her way!

Be warned! I am about to hit you with the ultimate pregnancy cliché….


Yes, I know that I had a 50% chance of being totally wrong but honestly, in my soul I just knew we were having a baby girl from the minute we found out we were pregnant.
I found this quite interesting because I had always pictured us having a boy first – so it definitely wasn’t coming from a thought pattern that I had explored in the past.
But, the minute I uttered those sweet words to my hubby –  “We’re pregnant” – that was it….. she was a little girl & there was not a doubt in my mind.
The beautiful part – both mine & my husbands mum’s had the exact same feeling. How special!

For my hubby, I think he realised how indented the idea of her being a girl was on my heart at Christmas time last year. We were only about 10 weeks pregnant & obviously had a little way to go before finding out the gender.
I’d written him a card on one of his presents & signed it ‘Love your girls’ – OOPS!
I hadn’t thought anything of it nor had any hesitation that it didn’t make sense until it came to that beautiful time on Christmas morning when we sat to open our gifts.
He looked at me & said “Love your girls?” to which I responded “Cute, huh?”  (insert blonde pony flick)
He just waited (as he does) for the penny to drop… it eventually did.
“Wow… I did not even think & just wrote it” – because to me it was so real that she was.

From this time onwards I think we both grew in the feeling – we also both got totally attached to one name in particular (girls name) & every time we would say it, it was like we KNEW that was our daughter.

So when the time came for us to go to our 21 week scan to find out gender, we were nervous but so, so excited. Either way we were just overjoyed at the blessing we had been given to have a baby so we were not concerned about the outcome of the news – although we did have a little glimmer of lenience towards a girl considering what we felt over the previous months of the pregnancy.
Sure enough – IT’S A GIRL! Was the words that escaped from the Sonographers mouth.
A moment my husband & I will never ever forget – we were having a daughter.
They even rendered one of the 3D pictures so we could see her in a pink skin coloured tinge – oh my goodness – the minute we saw it we fell completely in love with her… And once again, that name crept into both of our minds.

How interesting it will be for us if we experience this moment again when we meet her soon – stay tuned!

What has 3rd Trimester been like?

The Journey - Part 3


I feel like in one sense it’s been the most amazing – her kicks are so big, I get to feel every movement she makes, we get to see her more as a growing person in the scans & her development in this time is just incredible to witness.
We have started our pre-natal classes & have loved learning so much about the body & baby/how incredibly created we are!
Plus we are finally settled in our new home & I have been busy preparing her nursery & loving spending time in their creating a relaxing, cozy place for her to live.

But on another side – i t  i s  h a r d!
Unfortunately, my results for gestational diabetes came back positive so I have been up at the hospital for weekly appointments to monitor the diet control treatment & blood sugar level testing.
We are very blessed in the fact that bubby is measuring well & doesn’t seem, at this stage, to have been affected by it – we are standing in prayer that this continues so I can deliver her the way I would love to – but either way as long as she is healthy & safe, we will do whatever needs to be done.

I’ve also developed a new skill – how to stay awake all night & not sleep… ha!

Okay so it’s not a skill & it’s certainly not something I’ve enjoyed learning about.
It’s like the day I hit 3rd trimester, my ability to sleep vanished – honestly I feel I need to put out a reward for anyone who can find it again for me.

Yes, there is different reasons for the lack of sleep:

  1. ‘Restless legs’ & terrible leg cramps because of a syndrome I have in my leg muscles (developed after my dancing days & genetic in my family medical history) so obviously these are symptoms that will keep you up at night if you’re experiencing them.
  2. Heart burn occurs in 3rd trimester & I’ve definitely found that trying to sleep when you feel like you have a small campfire burning in your oesophagus really isn’t possible.
  3. And our baby girl is the most ridiculously active baby you’ve ever come across – fair enough, I don’t have any other pregnancy to compare it to but she honestly moves around 24 hours of the day/night & every Sonographer we have seen along the way has commented on how extremely active she is (good luck to us hey?)

I must say – over the last few nights I have found some relief in sleeping & am getting a little more than I was by making a few small tweaks to my nightly routine so if you are in the same boat as me – there is hope! And have a look at the tips below that I have learnt through this time.

Maternity Leave!

Due to my work as a dance teacher being extremely physical & mostly night classes (when I feel the worst) it was getting quite hard to continue what I was doing. I had planned to start my maternity leave at around 34-36weeks but due to the GD diagnosis & hospital specialists recommendations that had to be cut short. So I have just begun my first week of being finished up at work – and while it is extremely weird for me after being a person who is always ‘busy’ – I’m learning to love it & try to use this time to rest & prepare for our girls’ arrival (stay tuned for the nursery look book coming a little later on)

Some tips?

  1. Heart burn? Sleep with 2 pillows under your head so you are on a diagonal slope & be sure not to lay down after dinner. I usually wait at least 2 hours after dinner before going to bed & also have a glass of milk to wash dinner down.
  2. Sleep? Camomile tea about 30 mins before bed, doing something around the house or being out elsewhere (this helps me with restless legs – sitting in front of the TV for hours makes me restless so I don’t sleep as well) & finding what position/pillows work for you.
    Or for awhile I just had to change my routine – I didn’t sleep at night so would potter around the house & catch up on some shows. I would fall asleep in the early hours of the morning & then sleep throughout the day instead. (if you have this option)
  3. Take it one day at a time & don’t over do it – as it gets harder & you get more uncomfortable, remember to give yourself more time to rest & try to stay present in the moment. Because you don’t get this time back & you have a chance to make it such a special journey regardless of your diagnosis’
    My husband is like a filter for me & constantly making sure I am not doing too much – he’s always right & I’m so beyond blessed to have him by my side through this.
  4. Listen to YOUR body & YOUR voice – not the 100,000 other opinions that will come your way.
    Don’t get me wrong, I so, so, appreciate the advice & input of my friends & family but at the end of the day this is your life, your baby & your little family.
    Find what works for you, if there’s things you want to do & feel strongly about than you go for it – don’t let other people’s opinions or comments dictate your journey. It is YOURS.
    Take the positive & leave the negative.
    If I hear one more person say “You think that now” I’m going to throw a stage 5 tantrum.
    Let me be people!
    Again, I know people don’t mean bad by these comments & they usually come from a place of pure love – but our responses should be uplifting, positive & encouraging.
    Because at the end of the day everyone is different. (sorry – mini rant is now over)
  5. Eat healthy & regularly – smaller meals to help you not feel as bloated/big & stay hydrated, drinking the recommended 2-3L of water per day if you can.

Hopefully you’ve found something in the post to help you, encourage you or at least entertain you.
I have really enjoyed this time spent sharing the last stage of my pregnancy with you!

Shortly I will share a few special posts here on the blog, so keep an eye out for these – our maternity shoot, baby shower & nursery look book!

Hope you have all had an amazing week & enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Big love X.


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