The Journey – Part 2

April 23, 2016

First Trimester

Well hello morning sickness…

WHY… is… it… called… that!!!

For me it lasted all day everyday, from the minute I woke up till the minute I fell asleep & I won’t even try to sugar coat it….. it was awful. (don’t get me wrong – I know it could have been far worse)

We found out we were pregnant with our first bubby when I was 5 weeks along (see my previous blog post for the full story!) & I didn’t really notice any abnormalities in those 5 weeks prior.
I will say that I was extremely lethargic & would have days when I wouldn’t feel myself, but hey, when you’re a ‘YES’ person who takes on way too much than you should, you get used to that right?

But from the 6 week mark – pregnancy stage 1 was a go go!

All day sickness hit with full force I was having bouts of vomiting, crazy dizzy spells, sleeping for more hours than I was awake & I took on a new role as full-time couch potato. (sounds amazing & relaxing but I’m sure if you’ve been there, you know it is far from it)

And the other monster I experienced….. Fear.

Fear – is a 4 letter word. That is it!

It has no control over you, fear is a choice not an emotion.
Stand on that – for me I was fearful for the baby’s safety throughout the journey & perhaps there will always be that tiny little concern as we all want our loved ones safe.

Fear has a way of gripping our minds – when we don’t recognise & stay alert of it’s company.
SET IT FREE – for me it’s through staying in a space of prayer & thankfulness to God – very hard to be fearful when you’re heart is in a place of thanksgiving.
But you might have other ways of doing this – meditation, listening to music, reading a calming book, spending time with loved ones or even just speaking positive thoughts out loud – whatever it is, know that you are more than an overcomer & you can make a choice to be joyful & thankful.

11 weeks here – the bump growth began!

The Journey - Part 2


So…. My experience with the first trimester was not super lovely & I did struggle to see through on the really bad days… BUT… I tried to always come back to the space where I would find rest in that all these symptoms just proved that our little bubby was growing & we were on our way to what we’ve dreamt of having, a family of our very own.

Lessons learnt?

  1. It’s okay to have bad days – it’s okay to winge & complain (you need to!) – but it’s so important to find your way back to a place of rest & positivity to see you through. Let others in.
  2. To be thankful for the experience – regardless – because there are a lot of women out there who don’t have the opportunity to experience this at all.
  3. Do not be fearful – whatever happens is a part of the journey & living in a place of constant anxiety or stress is not good for you or bubby – so let go & take everyday as it comes – 1 at a time.
  4. Nourish – as much as you can. Yes eat the food you’re craving, yes it is your choice if you decide to steer clear of certain foods during this time or not but throughout all of that – eat foods that will make you & bubby healthy & happy.

Second Trimester

Double Trouble!

The Journey - Part 2

At the beginning of our second trimester we were given the BEST news….
My husband’s brother & his gorgeous fiancé were pregnant!

Now I will try not to confuse you, but not only is my brother-in-law’s fiancé my future sister-in-law, but she is also my best friend!
We met at the same time we met our boys & we were instantly inseparable, how blessed we then were to realise we had fallen in love/married into (almost) the same family! Sister besties!
So you can only imagine our excitement to then find out we were both pregnant at the same time & get to share in the journey together.. AND our babies would be cousins! (still so surreal for us to think about)

Jaime & I are 10 weeks apart in our pregnancies & it is just such a delight to go through this season with her, I feel so blessed & thankful that we are here, together.
She’s amazing & I love her & my future nephew/niece to pieces.
Jaime & Ben had an announcement photoshoot, with the extremely talented Maria Malouf from Lionwolf Photography (go check her out!) that hubby & I went along to.

The Journey - Part 2
Jaime & I wanted some bestie pictures together so I crashed the party & got in front of the camera, let’s just say we aren’t great at being serious – total crazies! (as you can see)

The Journey - Part 2


The Journey - Part 2


What did this trimester look like for me?


My morning sickness subsided from the daily appearance it had been making & turned into a casual visitor that I wouldn’t exactly welcome but I would remember that they weren’t around much anymore so would put up with it for the short term.

I also found a fresh sense of energy & purpose each day which was wildly refreshing.

6 months – bump update alert!

The Journey - Part 2

The end of the 2nd Trimester has been challenging, but more on that later as I’m still coming to terms with it all currently as we are now in the first week of the last trimester (insert dramatic gasp here!)
Stay tuned for the final part in the journey series, I will be sharing how we are preparing for bubby’s arrival & also (some would already know) when we found out the gender of our beautiful bubby Martin!
So excited to share with you all.

So what has been your experience? Any similarities?
Drop me an email, I’d love to hear your story.

Or perhaps you’re not pregnant, you’re trying to get pregnant or you may not want to have kids – whatever life stage you are at I hope there’s been something here for you.

Have an amazing long weekend ladies – do something that makes you feel good because you know what?
You deserve it!

Big love. X

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