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The Hamster Wheel

January 28, 2017


Definition: a lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.
‘You can become resigned to the monotony of captivity’

Some of us thrive off it, yet others cringe at the thought.

Some day’s for me, the sheer volume of everyday chores I find myself tangled up in is enough to send me to the looney bin.
The image that pops into mind is one of myself as a flat out little hamster. Running full speed ahead on my wheel, not realising that really, I’m going no where & in circles.
What has this got to do with everyday life? It’s like I’m getting jobs done throughout the day but moving no where within myself…
I’m not taking hold of the day & enjoying the moments, I’m just running through it.
Monotony has snuck in.

But how do I battle this concept & somehow strive for a fresh perspective, daily?
For me, it’s setting out to do something every day that I didn’t do the day before!


It ain’t easy!

Adjusting to the day to day life of being a stay at home mum has been seriously eye opening.

On one hand I could not be happier – I have no strict times to be anywhere, I don’t have a ‘job’ to attend & I get to spend my week with the most gorgeous little person in the world. Really it’s pure heaven!

On the flip side to that?
I am the sole responsibility (when hubby’s at work) to meet the needs of my little girl.
Which means that any plans I do make could be completely thrown out the window at any given moment if she decides she’s hungry, tired, uncomfortable, sick, sooky, annoyed, bored.. I think you get the picture.

Pre-baby, I was thinking life will be busy when I have a child, but surely not as busy as working full-time right?


It really is true, you have NO idea until you are in the thick of motherhood that life truly is different, never again the same.
(Hail to the ladies who do it alone, do it with multiple children & work full-time, seriously, I solute you!)

But you know what… I love it!
I truly do.
Don’t get me wrong, there are hard days/weeks & consistent nights of no sleep, days when I need a week in the Bahamas to recover…

But the smiling face that greets me at 3am in the morning, eyes that are still somehow sparkling & searching for me in the dark, worth it all.


Just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable

We must strive to keep the eb & flow of life, not to let ourselves be bogged down by the mundane & necessary realities.

No… This does not mean we no longer need to do the house chores because we are trying to stay sane.
It just means that through them, enjoy it!
I promise it IS possible.

Try a few of these!

Put on your favourite tune & daggy dance your way through the vacuuming, you will find yourself wondering why no one has offered you a spot on the next season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ with the moves you’ve been throwing down.

Chuck on your favourite podcast in your ears while you spring clean the kitchen.
(do I even remember how to spring clean?!)

Go for that walk you’ve been procrastinating & chat to your little one about all the fun & beautiful things you will do with them when they grow up.

Each time you place a piece of tiny clothing in your washing machine, be thankful for 1 thing that your child gives you… Joy, love, patience, overwhelming happiness? The list is endless.

And if you love monotony, routine & doing the same thing everyday (IGNORE ME!)

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have days where we are just at home, doing the routine things that keep our households going – do it! I actually love those days.
All I am saying is that there is ways to keep your mind indulged & content.

Why choose negativity & ‘survive’ through the week? Life is too short.
Instead, throw out monotony, choose to be positive & ‘thrive’ through your week!
Because girl, you deserve it!

This week, lets find time, a minute, an hour, whatever you can & let’s stop to ponder on the beauty that is this chapter of life.
Just breathe, even if just for a second.

Because mumma, you are actually killing it.

Enjoy your weekend lovely people!

Big love


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