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April 2, 2017

Welcome to ‘The Daily Grind’!

A new monthly segment here on Finding Joy.

Each piece might be a lifestyle DIY, organisational tips or helpful information on a topic that can be used in our day to life.

Whatever your ‘daily grind’ looks like, each blog post will be for you!

So I hope you enjoy our first month’s topic… Let’s get into it!


Meal Planning!

Yep! We are doing it!

It might sound scary, unnecessary, foreign or maybe even familiar?
Whichever it is, I am here to show you how I like to meal plan weekly/monthly to help the running of our household & to help us feel on top of things.

If you know me personally, or you’ve been following along for awhile, you will know I am a very organised person & I really enjoy the organisation process.
To most people, having to re-organise & tidy a linen closet is a bore…. To me?
I literally mark a few hours out it in my diary a few weeks before & I’m stoked when I get to finally dedicate some time to finish the project haha #weirdo

But! My weirdness is here to stay so might as well make some use out of it right!

So, without any more blab from me, here’s how we are going to do it!

Step 1


A meal planner guide.

It may be a notepad that you either have as a part of your daily planner/diary or you can also find them at most department stores where they are super inexpensive – like this one I found at Kmart for only $3!

Or, what I like to do, is find a meal planning template online.
There are sooo many in so many different styles to suit your taste/home decor (if you are sticking up on your fridge etc) A lot of them are free & some you will have to purchase.
If you google ‘meal planner’ or ‘free meal planner’ you will find an array of them to choose from.

Here is the pack of materials I chose to use this week!
(of course I ran out of coloured ink in my printer so they are not as pretty as they looked on screen!)


Here is a copy for you to use if you like it! The Cottage Market

Some recipe inspirations..

This can come in the form of recipe books, your phone or device to search recipes online, a handwritten recipe book with your families favourites or even a list you may have put together with the recipes you have tried & love!

Obviously depending on your household’s dietary needs, these lists will all be very different.
In our household we are moving towards a clean/plant-based way of lifestyle so we are eating a mixture of things, most having a lot of veggies, preservative free, sugar free & as little processed foods as possible.


I thought I would also assist & give you a list of our favourite meal ideas that I use to make up our monthly meal plan!

Here I have listed a few links to some of these recipes for you!

Be sure to let me know if you end up trying any & what you thought!

Step 2


And…. Go!
Fill in your different printouts/notepad with all of your meals for the week/month.
And be sure to populate your grocery list as you do this so you can jump up & head out as soon as your planning is completed!
(don’t forget to add your basics like coffee, milk, bread etc to your list too)


Step 3


Head to your local grocery store or shop online ONLY buying what is planned out on your grocery list.
This saves on impulse buying & making poor food choices!

When I’m REALLY organised, we buy our meat & pantry staples for the whole month.
Then our produce & cold products are purchased in the weekly shop.
I like to buy my meat (we don’t buy much as I don’t eat it really & my hubby is trying to reduce his intake) in bulk at our local Meat Market where the produce is fresh & locally sourced, plus cheap as it’s all sold in bulk packs.
I buy our fruits & veggies out our local fruit market or farmers market & our staples at either Aldi or Woolies or our local Organic Food Store.
Our household/baby items are a completely separate venture so stay tuned for that post sometime in the future!



Step 4


Food prepping to me is essential & so beneficial when you are meal planning.
It really saves you sooo much time during the week & I really enjoy the feeling of having everything prepped in the fridge.

What does this involve?
For e.g. if I am making a curry for dinner one night during the week, I will prep all of the veggies & keep them in an airtight container ready to chuck straight into the pan. Or I make what I call ‘loaded’ bags which have all the ingredients I put into my daughter’s morning smoothie bowl, so in the morning’s, all I have to do is whip one out & chuck it into the blender.
Or, if you have bought meat in bulk, make sure you portion it before you freeze it so you are never wasting food.

Again, food prepping & making snacks etc. is a totally separate venture so perhaps we shall do a ‘The Daily Grind’ post on that too! Who knows?




Step 5


Make sure you’ve placed your meal planner information somewhere easy to access – a communal family pin board in your kitchen, up on the fridge or in your diary.
Wherever it is, use it!

Be sure to post up a picture of your meal planning & tag us so we can see!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s segment of ‘The Daily Grind’.

We will see you at the next one!

Big love.




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