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July 15, 2017


A word I heard thrown around a lot between adults & as a kid.
“How was your week?” to which they would answer, “Busy”.
Seemed like a popular response?
But now, that I myself am a grown up (most of the time), I find myself answering the very same thing when asked the same question – “BUSY!”

And now having had a baby?
How I do ponder what I was so busy doing back when I had all that spare time prior to baby life?
But that’s just it hey… Our level or perception of ‘busy’ changes.
Our capacity grows. And we find ourselves in different dimensions of ‘busy’ as life goes on.

For me today, I’ve decided to take a stance.
To make a small decision for my health, well being & quality of life.
To choose to be present most of the time & busy some of the time.
NOT the other way round.

For me there will be a few adjustments happening in a few areas, but one for example?
The deep black holes of social media!
They are seriously swallowing me up on a daily basis, and although I would consider myself a present parent to Sophie, I’d say I’m not always as present as I’d like to be in all my other relationships in life.
Don’t miss hear me, it’s not like any of my other relationships are on the rocks because of my ‘busy-ness’.
But I can feel that if I don’t make this kind of change now (even though it’s hard) things will gradually become too much & relationships in my life will suffer for it.
Some of these things I know I need to step back from or spend less time doing are things I REALLY enjoy.
But even if they are positive, good or exciting – if they are eventually going to pull me to a place where I can’t sit, be present, content and calm with the people I love the most?
Then Houston… we have a problem!

So it’s time for a mini – SABBATICAL!

Not from everything.
Not from anything 100%.
Just a step back.
A finding of balance.

I’m thinking of it like a sabbatical from being busy.
A decision to say NO to all the YES’s and YES’s to all the NO’s… if you get what I mean.

It means saying no more so I can be a better version of myself – a healthy, happy, motivated, energized, full & whole person.
And by no I mean to things like checking Instagram when I’m spending time with a friend or family member, picking up a phone call when driving (what? I don’t do that? #handsfreeIpromise), trying to take on more than I know I can handle or even to setting aside my planned ‘me time’ in order to do something non urgent for someone else (obviously I won’t be rude!)
But that’s the thing… WE HAVE TO LOOK AFTER OURSELVES!
Because if we want to be people who lift up, help & love others, we need to be able to do that for ourselves!
I no longer want to be a tired person whose health is taking a backseat because I’ve been to ‘busy’ to focus on it or improve it.

Why am I saying all of this?

So that if you don’t hear from me as often, don’t freak out, hold off calling the search party and know that even though everything happening in our world these days makes it’s way online quicker than it happens in reality – my life may not!
And I’m 110% okay with that.

Because I’m still here!
I’m still just a message or email away.
I’m still in your corner & believing in YOU.

So here I go!

Off to find the calm, the serenity of silence without a screen & enjoy the love, wholeness and warmth of my family.

What is it in your life that is drowning you?
Social media?
Demanding job?
Unhealthy relationship?
Or maybe just being to ‘busy’?
Recognize it, let yourself off the hook.
Take your own little sabbatical, set some time out for YOU and then come back refreshed  & ready to re-balance your life….

I’ll meet you there okay?

Bye for now!

BIG love 🙂


Photo by the ever so amazing Dan Bohlsen.

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