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Planning To Procrastinate

May 28, 2017

It seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

But I swear I actually make a plan to do something in advance, knowing full well that I am most likely going to procrastinate like a BOSS once the time arrives to follow through with it.
And I do feel like procrastination is different to laziness somehow? (that’s the excuse I’m going with anyway)

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a lazy person, but more like a distracted person (haha I guarantee when my husband reads this, he’ll be nodding his head at this very moment) I can’t do one thing at a time, it needs to be multiple things and fast paced.
This is why upon entering my home you would find the remnants of a lot of ‘half finished’ jobs and why my hubby has had to learn to use his tunnel vision to remember why he loves me… (joking! he’s super cool so loves me in spite of these annoying little habits of mine)

For example, this is what my morning to-do list may look like at a glance:

  1. Do the washing
  2. Unpack the dishwasher
  3. Wash Sophie’s bottles

But this is what it should more accurately say:

  1. Put one load of washing on and then binge on Youtube vlogs and forget to hang it out
  2. Unpack half the dishwasher but realise you really need a tea considering it’s been a whole 10 mins since your last cup – so best to stop and make one before continuing any further
  3. Wash Sophie’s bottles because at least then I can tick ONE thing off my to-do list and call it a productive morning


Please tell me someone else out there does this?

So how do we really get things done when we want to accomplish things or create a more productive every day life?

Here’s some of my top tips!

(because I promise there are actually times I’m very productive)

  • Create 2 different to-do lists

I know it sounds like a waste of time but I guarantee you that it will help you feel more productive and accomplished.
I create one for today which is marked ‘urgent’ and one for the next time I have some time to do some chores which is marked ‘necessary’.
All it does is make sure you don’t add every single little thing you have to do to your ‘today’s’ list and end up falling in a heap an hour in because you weren’t able to detail your car or wash your wheely bins (just a couple of my jobs on my ‘you’re dreaming’ list).
So add some simple tasks that you know can be achieved in how ever much time you’ve allocated yourself, so you can tick them off and feel like you’ve been really productive! Then leave your other jobs list for the next time you create a ‘today’ list.

  •   Use a Sunday afternoon or a ‘day off’ you have to sit down and make a plan

Whether that involves meal planning for the week ahead, meal prepping, putting all your appointments and events into your planner or planning out your ‘to-do lists’ for the week. Create some time on one of your days off to sit with a cuppa (or wine!) and pencil down these plans to get them out of your head.

  • Say no when you need to

I am the WORST at this. Seriously.. another nodding moment for my hubby here.
The struggle is seriously real for me to say no to pretty much anyone! To the stage where I will completely burn myself out, say sorry even when I’m the one who has been hurt or just overdo it in silence because I couldn’t save myself earlier by saying no when I needed to.
And it’s not healthy.
Obviously there are extreme cases where we need to make a sacrifice/be uncomfortable to help someone else out but majority of the time, if you’ve scheduled some time for yourself to get your house/life in order, planned some ‘me’ time or family time, prioritise it!

  • Write it down

It sounds like a super obvious one but how many of us walk around with a mixed tape of everything we have to do for our businesses, kids, spouses, partners, family, friends, church, communities playing in our heads? Most of us!
So get it out! Write it down when you think of it and rid it from your mind – you’ll feel sooooo much more clarity within your thoughts and you’ll just feel lighter overall.
A good way to ensure you can do this is to leave a few notepads around your house in the areas you use the most so that if you’re there, you just jot it down and move on!
Or if you are like me, you have 1,000 to-do list apps in your phone so pick one, use it and fill up your phone’s memory rather than your own!

  • Exercise habits to increase your energy

This might sound silly but I do believe it’s super important to maintain a productive lifestyle.
Drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, eating a balanced & nutrient dense diet etc.
These are all things that are going to benefit your overall wellness which will increase your energy – meaning you have that ‘get up and go’, ‘cease the day’ type of attitude and you’ll be able to smash through anything you have to get done for the day!

  • Allocate a particular time everyday to ‘power clean’

The last but most important one of all, learnt from my mumma bear (thanks ma!) who is the queen of motivation, allocate a time whether it’s 1 hour or 10 mins to power clean in a particular area or all areas of your house.
For example I will allocate the first 20 mins of Sophie’s morning sleep to power cleaning the living room/kitchen so that it is liveable for the day. You’d be surprised how much you can get done within a week by doing this!


I hope something along the way today has helped motivate you or assist you in getting things done in your life – because the feeling of being productive (in most areas of life) is pretty darn cool – especially for us #ocdlife kids right?

Happy Sunday beautiful people!

Enjoy the week and as always, don’t forget to daily, FIND YOUR JOY!

Big love X.

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