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March 11, 2017

How many items do you really need as a new mum?

You may be someone who just wanted the minimum, you might have wanted to be prepared for any possible situation or you may not have a care about it at all!

Whichever category you may fit into, this post can still come in handy!
We all have friends & eventually some of those friends will have babies!
So even if you don’t need any of it yourself – I guarantee your first time Mumma friends will appreciate a gift similar to this one.

So lets get straight into it!

Here is what we felt was best to be included in the ‘First time Mumma kit’…


Infants Friend

Amazing stuff. It helps babies with wind pain, teething pain & has an overall calming affect.
When Sophie was a freshy she needed to suck for comfort, because of the feeding complications we were having, I was very sick so feeding on me whenever she needed comfort was not an option.
So we turned to using Infants Friend to help her take a dummy. And it worked a treat!
Be sure to get a little dropper for them too. There is a good one that comes with baby panadol so you could always buy one of those anyway & chuck it in the hamper!


Lanolin Cream

Cracked nipples are the pits. I know it’s not a nice image but trust me, it’s a reality for a lot of new mums who are nursing & although it’s not glamourous, it needs a mention.
Lanolin works to heal the skin & nourish the area so it’s a MUST for those suffering with soreness.
My best friend & I both swore by the brand Lanisoh but you can always go with whatever you can get your hands on – just try to get a pure lanolin cream with nothing else added.


Natural Dummy

Might sound weird but I honestly swear by them.
Sophie was given a dummy early on in the piece due to multiple reasons, but I liked the idea of finding something made out of a natural rubber or similar. After seeing a lot of mums with these hideous brown dummies, I thought there must have been something to it. I was SO hesitant to purchase one as I thought they looked a bit ridiculous, but seriously, they are the BEST. Made out of natural rubber & super soft for their little mouths, I was so relieved when Sophie seemed to love it too. I also thought the idea of making the entirety of the dummy out of the same soft rubber as the part they suck on, so clever! So even if it was to come out & she was to sleep on it or to suck on the wrong part, it wouldn’t hurt her. And it doesn’t! Now that she is beginning the teething stage too, I find she likes to chew on it for a bit of relief so that’s just an added bonus!
I’m sure there are other brands out there but the ones we buy are made by Natural Rubber Soother & I purchase them from Flannery’s (local health food store/market)



Our friends baby was due to arrive on the cusp of winter so we got her a few mid season type onesies.
What I would say when buying any clothes for newborns, is to make sure they either have a few press studs under the crutch area & down the inside of the legs OR a double zipper that goes from the feet up as well as the neck down. The reason for this? Nappy changing becomes a full-time job when you’re a mum to a newbie so you want to always make sure you can get to the area as quick as possible with as least interference to bubs as possible. (Amen mumma’s?!)
We swore by the Bonds’ Wondersuits (sold in most department stores or Bonds online) in their ‘Zippy’s’ style. (the ones with the double zipper especially) They come in summer, winter & mid season variations, awesome patterns & colours and they also have amazing online sales which you will see in the link above, there is one happening right now! We also loved them because they have built in socks & mittens! #score
But my favourite place (still) to buy baby clothes is Best & Less ! It’s a department store we have here in Aus but their clothes are super cheap, amazing quality & cute as patterns. I also love love LOVE me some H&M, but I mean, don’t we all?


Dribble bibs

A must for feeding & major dribblers.
Or if you are like me, Sophie doesn’t really dribble that much but I have serious OCD so when it comes to wet patches on her outfit that I’ve just dressed her in, nope, not happening! (let’s be honest, it actually happens all the time) So we have many a dribble bibs on hand at all times!
The best place I have found for these, H&M department store. So cheap & incredible quality/range of colours.
I have also seen some amazing ones on Instagram, although I’m not a massive online shopper. If you are though, have a look around there because there’s some beautiful small businesses making gorgeous stuff.


Fridge Teethers

Pretty self explanatory, they are gel toys that you can pop in your fridge so that when baby is teething, they just chew on them for some relief to help with any inflammation on their little gummies! Also a good distraction as the coldness seems to intrigue them. I just got some from Kmart and they seem to do the trick!


 Sleep swaddle (suit)

Once baby begins to transition out of the wrap swaddle, a sleep swaddle suit is an awesome next step. (they can be used from day dot I believe too) As long as you ensure it is made with a good quality material, has an option to take the arms out or up, you can’t really go to far wrong!
The brand we used for Soph was/is amazing. I will link one here for you! But there are sooooo many. Walk into any baby department store & I’m sure you’ll find a whole overwhelming wall of them to choose from!


Burp cloths

In our house they are WELL known as vomit cloths. We used to go through at least 5 of these babies a day because Soph had such severe reflux. Although now we don’t have to use as many – they are super handy to have around the house to clean up/wipe food from the face/wipe our tears away (just kidding) but the point is, they are a necessity.
We used actual cloth nappies for this as they are nice & big while also being soft on baby’s face when wiping away the mess. We buy ours from different places all the time but here are some for you to look at what they are! Most department stores will sell them.



So you go through soooooooooooooooooooooooo many nappies a day when you have a bubby.
And babies spend majority of their time sitting in them too!
So for us, we felt it important to look after Sophie’s skin & buy nappies that are not only good for her but also good on the environment. No this is not necessary, yes it’s more expensive, and no I don’t judge or disagree with anyone buying the cheapest nappies they can find. Every household is different & every baby is different!
Sophie has sensitive skin & I have eczema so we felt it was our duty to help her in any way we can!
There is also a lot of mums who choose to use cloth nappies, we chose not to for many reasons, but kudos to the mums that use them because I can barely have a shower some days so seriously, you are killing it!

So, we find ourselves in the disposable nappy world, and here are my recommendations for what we use!
Thankyou first & foremost.
We use these for bubby every single day, we love them because they are made out of the softest bamboo material, they are good on her skin, good on the environment & our money goes towards helping others, and to a great company who’s honestly, changing the world! We love knowing we are able to be a part of it in some way.
They are also extremely affordable as they are nearly always on sale at Coles! #winning
And the other brand we love are Tooshies for most of the reasons we love the other.
They are great on her skin, organic, good on the environment & plus, super super cute.
They are a relatively new brand but seem to be doing amazing things. I will have to say that in comparison to the Thankyou nappies, they are not very affordable but if we see them on sale, I stock up!

Side note for the mumma’s: Is anyone else waiting for HonestCo to come to Australia with their disposable nappy subscription service?
I know I am!



Honestly, we swear by one brand, we have a subscription that just comes & tops up our supply drawer.
They’re amazing. Any mum is bound to love them to, I could talk about them all day & am so glad a friend recommended them to me.
Joonya – not only are they the most amazing baby wipes I’ve ever used (I swear I’ve used EVERY brand out there) but the company is run by such a beautiful little family with a mumma at the head, who is just absolutely killing it. And I believe they have now headed international too!
They are the BEST value for money & end up being cheaper than the store bought ones that have heaps of nasties in them, so go check them out!
The other two brands we like but we found are not very affordable, Tooshies and also the WaterWipes.


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