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New Car Smell

March 4, 2017

It really does wear off…

You buy a new outfit, a new phone, a new car and for those first few days or weeks, the feeling is sweet. You feel fresh, ignited & treat it with the upmost care.

2 weeks later you’re on the hunt for an upgrade.

I recently purchased an iPhone 7+ & while using it the first day I couldn’t believe how much bigger it was in comparison to my now minuscule iPhone 6.  I was loving it!

Within a week I remember thinking, it doesn’t even feel that different? But after grabbing a hold of my husbands 6 & feeling like I was using a barbie sized phone, I came to a realisation… my ‘new car smell’ had really worn off.

It was the same when I bought my first car, it felt so new & so fancy. I used to go out to it in my lunch break at work to just sit there & enjoy the feeling. Literally, I recall it being 3 days, and it was just a car again!

This subject has got me to thinking…

  1. New things really can’t be the basis in which we base our happiness or sense of contentment on – because it will always wear off.
  2. Do we do this with other things in our lives? Relationships? Places? People?

It’s a scary thought..

We live in a society that is so caught up in consumerism & ‘having it all’. From having the ‘best’ job to owning the most expensive or ‘on trend’ items – our world tells us that these are the people who are ‘living the dream’… really? Is that the dream?

Why am I saying this?

Because, I beleive, self reflection will save our humanity.

If every person, every so often, took a moment to reflect on their life, I believe our world will begin to change.

People will love others based on WHO they are, rather than WHAT they have or WHAT they wear.

We will help people up ladders towards their dreams, not use them as ladders on the way to our own.

You may disagree with me, that’s fine! How boring it would be if we were all exactly the same.

But I do believe we all have a part in us that longs for relationship with people, authentic & real. So let’s be sure not to abuse it with the people we have around us. We can all play a part.

Let’s make a conscious effort not to isolate people just because we may feel like their ‘image’ is different to ours, their clothes aren’t the same as ours or they are not in our ‘circle’.

This life is incredible & everyday we should be counting our lucky stars that we have the opportunity to live it & live it well.

So lets!

Next time you have that ‘new car smell’ – enjoy it while it’s there & remember to remain thankful when it’s gone.

Happy weekend everyone.

Big love.


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