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Is That Really Your Story?

January 7, 2017

The Social Media Highlight Reel

The morning sun streaming in through our window, fresh hot coffee in hand, hearing our beautiful baby daughter chatting away to her toys – I am thankful. I am grateful. I am present. Yet amongst it all, a thought pops into my head…
This would be a great Instagram moment.
Immediately I am removed from my content moment of quiet, finding myself reach for my iPhone in attempt to capture the moment for my next post to Instagram or the like.

As I pondered through the turn of events, I realised something quite profound.
From acting upon my thought to capture, to interrupt for social media purposes, I’ve lost the present & delightful moment my heart & mind were soaking in.
I am no longer living in the now, I am living for the latter, the future moment, the sacred press of the ‘post’ button.
So I couldn’t help but wonder….

Is this moment, right here, with just me, is it enough? 

My answer? A resounding YES!
Sometimes just recognising something is occurring in your world can turn things around.
It was realising that even though I found myself looking for more, looking to share the moment in the social media circle, looking to highlight my high moments, didn’t mean I had to.
I could stop, take a breath & choose to live in the now. Realise that some moments, are all mine to enjoy.

So it got me thinking about more.

It got me thinking, BIG.

Why are we are seeing statistics that show a higher percentage of people struggling with depression, loneliness & feeling isolated or removed from their own world/communities? When at the same time, we are so technologically advanced, having the ability to be so connected through social media platforms, connecting with people all around the world.
Is that truly what we use social media for?
Or are we so focused on growing our own ‘social media presence’ that we use people in the process, we abuse people while hiding behind a screen?

I decided, it was time to re-evaluate. So, I asked myself two simple questions.

  1. Do I use social media for the positive purposes I believe it was created for?
    ie. business/community/connection.
    Or am I just abusing it?
  2. Is my ‘social media presence’ or ‘feed’ a highlight reel of my life or am I still in touch with reality?
    And living more in the present moments than online?

The second one got me really thinking…

Are we so concerned with people seeing the real us, the ugly bits, the embarrassing part, the shame & guilt of our past- that we resort to hiding behind a screen?
Only putting the ‘good’ bits or ‘acceptable’ parts of our lives on show?


Is this the society my daughter will grow up in?

A world in which may be so void of sharing true reality, feelings & emotions with those around us that we become numb to the life we are living & inevitably live out our lives in the realm of a lonely online world…

It’s time to re-focus on the important stuff.
Myself 100% included.
Don’t get me wrong… Social media really is great. I use it & I enjoy it.
But it is important that I don’t let it become my SOURCE of joy.

Let’s all make a choice to connect with people first.
Imagine if everyone stopped & reflected on how they were treating people online, how much of their real life they are sharing or even, if there is anyone in their community who seems to be isolated & they could help change that?

I want Sophie to grow up in a community that is living, breathing, talking & loving one another, in the flesh.
Not online & behind a screen.
Yes, social media will be around. Yes, Sophie will probably use it. Yes, she will probably enjoy it.
But it is my prayer & devotion to ensure it is not her LIFE.

I think there is something inside every human being that craves, COMMUNITY.
Whether you’re an introvert or extravert.

Because, we were not made to live our lives in isolation.

We were made to live vibrantly & to share it with those around us.
The sharing of that life can absolutely be done on the occasion through social media. But for the most part, it should be in true community, with family, friends, colleagues.
Enjoying one another’s company & living each moment for the unique opportunity it is.

So maybe you totally disagree? Great!
Life is all about uniqueness, how boring it would be if everyone thought the same!
But I hope that regardless, it’s got you thinking. Got you talking, got you moving!

2017! It’s your year. Live it to the fullest & enjoy people.

Let’s do this.

Big love.


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  • Reply Kaye January 8, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Beautifully written and so true.

    • Reply Lucy Rose January 11, 2017 at 2:06 pm

      Thank you Kaye xx

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