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Hip Hip Hooray: 1st Year

April 18, 2017

Happy birthday to you..

Happy birthday to you..

Happy birthday to my lovely little bloooogggg…

Happy birthday to you!

Hip Hip?… Well you know how it goes.

This week marks 1 whole year of Finding Joy.
I can honestly say that I have loved writing every single piece that has been published to the blog & my heart and soul has gone into every hour spent in my office, at the coffee shop or while sitting in the car waiting for my baby to wake up, as I wrote each word.

Flashback to the beginning of FJ – April 2016.           I was 6 months pregnant with our daughter Sophie, feeling excited to start a new adventure but filled with so much doubt & found myself battling all kinds of insecurities. But I decided that after a lot of thought & prayer – this was it! Now was the time! And I was all in! So here we are.

I’m excited for the future – I’m optimistic about the potential it holds and I’ve loved being here weekly to chat with you about life.

So those of you that have been with me from day dot – from the very bottom of my heart I want to thankYOU. You, the person that is reading these words to yourself right now, YOU are the reason I write this blog. So, thank you.

For those who are new to Finding Joy – welcome! And thank you for jumping on the journey with us, we have a lot of fun on the way that is for sure so be sure to follow us on all platforms to keep up to date.

Exciting things coming for the 2nd year so geeeetttt readdddyyyyy!

With a sick bobby at home, I took some time out today to look at her while she was lying asleep on my chest (after 2 hours of trying to get her to sleep) to stop & remain thankful at how blessed I am to have her. Yes I had to rock back & forth, was not able to sit down, needed to go to the toilet while she was lying on my bladder – but I still stopped to take a breath & remember that she will only be this little for such a short amount of time & then I will blink. She’ll be all grown up & I’ll long for the days that I could hold her while she slept.

What are you thankful for today?

Take a moment to stop & be thankful, it keeps our hearts & minds at peace.

This blog post isn’t crazy in depth, it’s no hum dinger, nor is it really one to ponder. It’s merely a token of my gratitude for each person who sits down, takes time out of their day to stop by my little blog to read what it has to offer.

Stay tuned for some exciting things ahead too!  What will it be? (…insert suspense music here)

For now though, will you do me one favour?

If you are one of my avid readers – LET ME KNOW! Some days sitting at home & writing/posting/planning can be lonely without the engagement of my followers, so be sure to make yourself known! Leave me a comment on my latest photo/post with the unicorn emoji to show you’re in the FJ fam & then let me know what you think the exciting new things may involve!

Talk to you soon lovely people.

Big love as always.


Shoutout to my gorgeous & talented friend Brogen from Baked by Brogen for the image of one of her amazing cake creations! 

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  • Reply Chrissy April 19, 2017 at 6:13 am

    Love it as always darl. What a milestone! Love you to the moon & back & more xx

    • Reply Lucy Rose April 21, 2017 at 10:46 am

      Thanks for always supporting me mum! Love you! X.

  • Reply Sami April 22, 2017 at 8:17 am

    Love setting up couch camp with my cuppa to read your latest Bozy girl, so proud of you! Bring on the second year and many more! Yew!! xx

    • Reply Lucy Rose April 23, 2017 at 7:33 am

      This makes me so unbelievably happy! EXACTLY my aim so amazing to hear that people actually do it 🙂 thanks for always supporting me boz. Luff you X.

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