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May 6, 2017

Welcome back to ‘The Daily Grind’!

A new monthly segment we have begun here on Finding Joy.

Each piece will be based around our ‘daily grind’ and current lifestyle, including things like organisational tips, helpful routines or simply some information on a topic that can be used in your day to day life.

Whatever your ‘daily grind’ looks like, each blog post is made for you!

So I hope you enjoy our second month’s topic… Let’s get into it!


Food Prepping!

Following on from our first month’s segment on ‘Meal Planning’, we are adding to it by discussing how to prep your food for the week! It honestly saves sooo much time!
It also means you don’t have to think as much throughout the week when it comes to your food, which if anyone is like me, you need as little to think about as possible when it comes to the stuff around the house!
And once you get used to doing it, you can smash it out so quickly you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been doing it your whole life.

So, no need to beat around the bush – let’s do it!


1. Meal Plan & Grocery shop

First thing that needs to happen to ensure a successful food prepping session is to have planned out your meals for the week (check out last months post for a little help if you haven’t already) and have done the grocery shopping for all of your ingredients.


2. Lay it all out

Everything you are going to be preparing.
Get it all out so it’s sitting in front of you and you can easily see & grab things as you go.
Including all your containers/bags etc that you wish to use to store your prepped food in.

What will I be prepping today?

  • Raw veggies
  • Shredded chicken
  • Lemon wedges
  • Fruit snacks
  • Fruit & nut snack bags
  • Bagging cookies
  • Sweet Potato Bites
  • Roast veggies
  • Packing work lunches
  • Smoothie Dump Bags


3. Prep

Chop any fruit/veggies/meat etc that you need to.

These veggies will be rationed throughout the week, ready to chuck in any dinner dishes like bolognese, veggie lasagne, laksa & curries.

Every single morning I have warm water with lemon – it has so many health benefits for you so if you don’t do it all ready, jump on board, and if you’ve never heard of it, google it! You’ll be amazing at what it can do for your overall health/wellness. I always have mine on an empty stomach before I exercise and feel this makes such a huge difference.

Ready to put into rice paper rolls or in salads for lunches!


4. Cook

So in our household we really enjoy freshly made meals for dinner.
Yes we could easily cook ahead & freeze or cook ahead for lunches but we decided that we prefer the meals to be made right before we eat them! (I know that doesn’t work for everyone, and won’t work for us forever)

So at this stage, all we do is prep our snacks/Sophie’s food and some lunches like soups etc if we decided to have that, that week.

But we prep everything ready to make dinners, then during the week we just have to cook them & we always do a little more than required and use the leftovers for our lunches! Jay’s loves a proper dinner sort of dish for lunch where as I enjoy something light, so majority of the time I stick with things like rice paper rolls/salads/rice cakes with avo etc.

Firstly I get the roast veggies in the oven as they take the most time!

Roasted sweet potato bites & roast veggies with a little paprika + salt & pepper – delish!
These are used for snacks, for my work lunches or to chuck into a salad.
Most of the time though, Sophie ends up stealing them off me and snacking on them herself – she’s a veggie girl!

Secondly I do up the healthy version cookies & chuck them in. These are my favourites at the moment.



5. Store

Now it’s time to ration & store!

Some of our items will go in snap lock bags, others in containers.

This is also when I would fill some ‘Smoothie Dump Bags’ which are just all of the non-liquid smoothie ingredients that are put into a bag ready to just pour straight into the blender.

Along with bagging any other items that were only chopped or were pre-made (like Jay’s choc chip cookies which he LOVES to take to work)


6. Pack

Anything that you can pack now is a perfect idea!

I get my 2 work lunches ready to go so that on the days I work I just have to grab a couple of things out of the fridge & race off! (seriously – my work morning’s are complete chaos)



To me it’s super easy, super fast (usually only takes me an hour max) and saves so much time during the week.

Keeping in mind that this doesn’t include Sophie’s food that I make (dinners/lunch etc) as that’s a whole other food prepping session in itself!

But I hope some of this has helped you or at least inspired you to give it a try!

Plus if you’re like me and have OCD, it will really satisfy you !!

Let us know by commenting on one of our social accounts if you had a go!

Have an amazing week friends.

As always – Big love.


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