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Hip Hip Hooray: 1st Year

April 18, 2017

Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to my lovely little bloooogggg… Happy birthday to you! Hip Hip?… Well you know how it goes. This week marks 1 whole year of Finding Joy. I can honestly say that I have loved writing every single piece that has been published to the blog & my heart and soul has gone into every hour spent in my office, at the coffee shop or while sitting in the car waiting…

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Celebration Pondering Thoughts


February 11, 2017

Sounds so grown up? It’s like I turned 25, thinking how far away from 30 it is, then I blinked (note to self, no more blinking) & I’m 26! Which now just seems so close to 30! Cue the quarter life crisis… This weekend I am turning 26. Gone is the feeling of being that 17 year old girl, running in circles around her own insecurities, not trusting in her own heart’s strength, listening to Chris Brown & dreaming of the day…

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A Tiny Lady is Coming

June 11, 2016

A beautiful baby shower….. Overwhelmed – blessed – loved – JOY… These are the words I would use to describe the emotions I experienced throughout the day of as we celebrated the soon arrival of our little lady. I had, close to, every woman in my life whom I love & adore in the one room, chatting about life, swapping stories of our journeys & discussing our little bundle of joy that the day was all about – all the while drinking…

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