Bump Style on a Budget

March 21, 2016

23 weeks!

As you may know or or may not know, my husband & I are pregnant with our first child!
And my, how quickly time is flying throughout the journey so far…
I will be sure to sit down, gather my thoughts & write to you about my journey throughout this pregnancy thus far. (so stay tuned!)

But for today’s post – the necessities!

The question I, (and my hubby) asked when my belly first began to show…
How will I style my bump without breaking the bank?

Yes you can do it on both spectrums – don’t get me wrong, I certainly love me some labels & luxury pieces, but in reality I enjoy putting together outfits with that little challenge to keep it real!
Perhaps 1 luxury piece surrounded by basics would be a better description of the way I look at outfit styling.

Because of my day job – I am in active wear on the daily!
This is great because it’s comfy & I enjoy putting together these types of outfits too (more on that later)

BUT….. I truly LOVE getting dressed up.

Dresses, heels, jewellery, makeup, shoes – does it get any better?
So any opportunity I get to do so, I take it.
Not only is it enjoyable but it makes you feel great – that minute you finish the sweep of highlighter across your cheek bones to reveal the final look or when you FINALLY find the shoes that make your outfit pop… these are the moments we as women (if you share the same love for it as I do) cherish.

I was determined this week not to get ‘Monday-itis’ – it’s something society tells us happens after a weekend but my thought is why not turn ‘Monday-itis’ into ‘Monday-letsdothis!’
I had a coffee date with some of my beautiful girlfriends & thought this is my chance to start the day feeling great, so after reading some inspiring words in my bible & thanking God for the day ahead I got dressed up (semi)

Here’s what I decided on!


Bump Style on a Budget


Where can I shop the look?

This black, figure hugging dress which is great for my growing bump (& after) was a gift from a friend but you can find a similar one here.

The shoes, believe it or not, are from Kmart!
And as embarrassing as it is to admit, also from the kids section!
So if you have small feet like me then go & have a look at your nearest store, and if not I found a similar pair for you.

And my bag is an all time favourite – from Urban Originals.
Unfortunately due to how long ago I purchased this bag it is no longer sold online but I did find a similar one for you & the best part is that it’s currently on sale for a steal of a price!

Fashion & beauty will fade but your worth is forever – because of who YOU are, remember that this week.

Happy outfit picking!

Big love X.

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  • Reply Maddison April 23, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    I’m actually loving reading your blog Luc! Xx

    • Reply Lucy Rose April 23, 2016 at 2:47 pm

      Aw I’m so happy to hear that Maddy! 🙂 X.

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