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A Tiny Lady is Coming

June 11, 2016

A beautiful baby shower…..

Overwhelmed – blessed – loved – JOY…

These are the words I would use to describe the emotions I experienced throughout the day of as we celebrated the soon arrival of our little lady.

I had, close to, every woman in my life whom I love & adore in the one room, chatting about life, swapping stories of our journeys & discussing our little bundle of joy that the day was all about – all the while drinking delicious beverages, eating incredible treats & filling up on way too much sugary goodness.

I had so many moments throughout the morning where I felt this overwhelming sense of love – realising how truly blessed I was, to know that everyone who came, did so out of their genuine love for me & my little growing family. It’s such an incredible feeling of delight & I will never forget those moments I experienced.

We need to be thankful in this life – people/loved ones are what it’s all about!

I’ve decided to share with you today a story book (photos) of our morning – I’m so proud of how beautiful our home looked & how it all came together. And I could not have done it without my beautiful family & friends.


A Tiny Lady is Coming


A Tiny Lady is Coming


A Tiny Lady is Coming


A special & HUGE thank you to a couple of people…….

Jenn – who is one of my many talented girlfriends who honestly went over & above helping me with making the decor I wanted come to life & look as incredible as it did. So much effort & time put in, you’re amazing girl!

My bestie – Jaime, who spent so many hours shopping with me to find the perfect colour matched napkins (yes I am slightly OCD) & was a constant support throughout the day to ensure I was enjoying myself & comfortable (you’re amazing & I love you)

The Martin girls! – Kailah, Cee & Mum, who went over & above providing yummy treats/beverages & waiting on our guests for the morning, I still cannot believe how blessed I am to have in-laws who I don’t count as that but are just 100% family through & through…


A Tiny Lady is Coming


Aunty & Rach – Thank you for making the trip up for it, for all the help with the shopping & preparing of food, we are so blessed with the most incredible family members & having you there… Made my day.

Emma – those sandwiches were delicious & you’re an absolute dream to have in my life, cannot imagine it without you!

Maria – you take the most incredible photos & I am so glad we have you as our official ‘MFP’ (Martin Family Photographer)

All my gorgeous girlfriends (you know who you are) – thank you for being such lights in my life, all unique & all such loving & caring people whom I could not be more blessed to have around me constantly.
I love you all immensely.


A Tiny Lady is Coming


And last but not at all least – My beautiful Mumma, (aka Grammy) what would I do without my best friend & constant support. The reason I’m surrounded by love is because you have given me a life & an upbringing that centres around the principal that everyone is unique, beautiful & deserves unconditional love from those around them.

The only way I know I am going to be the best mum I can be to our little girl is because you taught me everything there is to know about how to be the most amazing mum – you’re my inspiration Mumma & going to make the most amazing Grammy to our little one.
Thank you for being you.


A Tiny Lady is Coming


Aka (Torres Strait name for Grandma, pronounced ‘ucka’) & Grammy (Lucy’s name for Grandma)  – pictured getting excited about the soon arrival of their granddaughter!


A Tiny Lady is Coming


Thank you for taking time out of your Saturday to have a peruse through these captured memories of mine… I hope you enjoyed & be sure to tag me in any of the photos you may have from your celebrations – whatever they may be celebrating!

Always love, always laugh & always find your joy.


A Tiny Lady is Coming


Have a blessed week everyone!

Big love X.



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