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A Few Favourites

May 2, 2016

Just a few of my favourite things….

As girls, we can be pretty darn picky when it comes to what we like – and I am no different!

There are a few everyday items that I have struggled to find a brand or version I like – but fret no more!
I have found them! (until I find the next version… am I right?)

Whether it’s the right dress for the right occasion, the perfect pair of shoes to match your extensively planned outfit or a staple beauty item you’ve found & fell in love with – when you find them, it injects a little feeling of achievement & bounce in your step.

And today… I’ve gathered current favourites to share with you!


Let’s go!


A Few Favourites

 Micellar Cleansing Water

Where have you been all my (makeup wearing) life?

I don’t know if anyone is like me but I have seriously sensitive skin & eyes.
Anytime I see the words ‘Hypoallergenic’, ‘No Perfume’ or ‘For Sensitive Skin’ I swear I hear the Hallelujah chorus begin & see the heavens opening – finally a product I can actually use!

Micellar Cleansing Water (I use the one by the brand Garnier) contains micelles which act like little magnets to help gently remove any makeup or impurities from your skin. It’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin as it is free from any fragrances & is hypoallergenic. It also acts as a hydrating cleanser for the skin, so after those late nights out, it’s a nice quick pit stop before your head can finally hit that pillow!

An added benefit? It’s so affordable!
I usually purchase from Priceline but you can also get in most grocers/chemists, but because of how little you have to use, you’ll find yourself having the same bottle for months on end! Yaaaasss!


‘The Righteous Body Butter Lotion’

There are soooooo many moisturisers on the market – how do we choose ONE?

For me, as I’ve mentioned, I have sensitive skin so anything with fragrances is usually out of bounds.
But I have been loving this product regardless….
It is not a product I can use everyday, as it is a body butter & quite heavy for my skin, so I apply it on special occasions when I want to feel luxurious instead of medicated with my usual ‘eczema friendly’ moisturiser (which, is in packaging that isn’t as photo friendly)

The product is by the brand ‘Soap & Glory’ & is sold in Mecca stores & online.
I have only recently stumbled across this brand & am hoping to make some further purchases of their other products soon! So let me know you’d like to see more of these sorts of posts!

The reasons I love this product?
It smells AMAZING!
With Rose & Bergamont in the fragrance, it will leave you feeling like you just stepped out of an expensive day at the spa.
It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy – the formula includes Aloe Vera which helps the skin to feel silky & smooth along with a seaweed based hydration matrix which helps the skin retain more moisture for an extended amount of time.
It also contains Shea Butter to soothe rough areas, Almond Oil for nourishment & Rose Hip Seed Oil which helps to produce collagen increasing the skins elasticity. (tick!)


‘Better Than Sex’ – Mascara

Okay so I have to be honest, I HATE  the name of this product.
I get what they’re trying to say but…. really?

Moving on!!

I have long untamed, annoying lashes that seem to never hold mascara for long periods of time…
Until I found this product – the mascara is by the brand Too Faced & is sold also at Mecca stores or online.
The hourglass shaped brush is divine & the story behind why they designed it this way is super sweet (check out the Mecca link above)
The best part for me?
You can apply multiple coats of it to increase the drama of your lashes – without the clumping (the dream right?)
Yes, I know it might be super high maintenance but I like that I can apply 1 coat in the morning & then reapply another coat in the evening before going out with the gals or hubby at night for a more dramatic look.

So if you are on the hunt for a good mascara that won’t break the budget? Look no further!


A Few Favourite Things


Sarah Wilson’s – ‘I Quit Sugar’

If you haven’t read one of my previous blog posts ‘A Great Start’ then head on over & have a read.

These two books have helped me in so many ways – I did the 8 week sugar detox & honestly have never felt better. Yes it was super hard but totally worth it in every way.

This week I’ve had some ups & downs with my health through this pregnancy so I’ve decided to get these two books out again (I got a little lazy/busy) and get back to a lifestyle free of sugar (processed).
Not only does Sarah share delicious recipes for you to create in your kitchen but she also shares the most incredible & simple tips to help you achieve a long lasting lifestyle change rather than a ‘quick fix’.

Most importantly for me though, is to be educated when making decisions regarding your health.
Which is why I have loved Sarah Wilson’s philosophy of food & her books – she is all about really knowing what you’re eating, learning how to read ingredient lists & food labels, how to get the most of each ingredient you use & to do it all with a balance of lifestyle so you don’t feel like you are ever without anything or on a ‘diet’.

If you have digestive problems, health problems, always tired, struggle with energy etc, I highly advise reading her books & learning more about it for yourself – I am not a medical expert so of course you should always consult your doctor prior to commencing something like this but either way it’s worth a look into.

Let me know if you do & if you had some positive outcomes.

A Few Favorites

‘Up The Duff’ (yes that’s the title)

Okay… So if you are not pregnant or a new mum, please feel free to skip past this one!


There’s not much needed to be said about this book as you just need to pick it up, read the title, read the first chapter & you know you’re in for a treat.
Real, funny, balanced & full of amazing tips.
I had so many friends tell me to read this book & then had one of my beautiful girlfriends lend it to me – and now I am kicking myself that I didn’t start reading it from the beginning of my pregnancy!

Love it. You will too.


A Few Favorites


Well ladies – I’ve so enjoyed our time together & I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite things.

Be sure to leave me a comment with some of yours – I’d love to check them out too!

Have an amazing week everyone – what can you start doing this week to find the joy in your everyday?

Big love. X

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